how you do menswear

Picture 41

I’m not one for mentioning menswear, but when I find something I like…bet it’s gonna be real.

This is how you do menswear. It’s a house called Third Floor and it’s based here in New York. As it is in no way for all men (as fashion, of course, should never be), the line does say something for the state that menswear should be in today. Its abrupt shift from tradition to ultra-new is definitely a commendable conversation piece. I mean, contemporary men’s sports sets topped in traditional Samurai armor? Holy shit.

The collection is comprised of menswear classics (the coat, the relaxed trouser) and modern ones (Ghesquiere drape-tops, Hammer – ahem, harem pant revival) as a base for its sharp, simplified warrior looks. Best piece: Ode to The Last Samurai top. Biggest nah: the rat tail.

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Picture 42

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