artist spotlite: curren$y

For the first artist spotlite, I’ve got to give it to one of the most underrated and unheard-of lyricists out: Curren$y. 28 years young, C’s been releasing mixtapes almost monthly for the last few years without much attention from bigwigs. He even named his first official release (under his own label Fly Society), This Ain’t No Mixtape. Hailing from New Orleans, he flows so nonchalantly (even moreso than Loso) that he sounds almost comatose (but in a good way?). His rhymes got him noticed by Wayne in ’06 and in turn even recorded a song together with Remy Ma (“Where Da Cash At?”) that never surfaced on a released album. Curren$y is also a You Tube phenomenon. He’s taken his stoner-turned-rapper persona public to host a series of hilarious virals with the name Mythblazers, where he takes on the many misconceptions of marijuana smoking.

When recommending tracks, I’d have to go with his most electric beat-wise. Firstly, “Blown Away.”

You can’t escape the background’s swirling synth and majestic faux-horn. The beat itself could make any listener nauseous (also in a good way). The chorus is as addicting as the drugs he’s on (MDMA and THC) and his flow glides across the tune as if it were laced. But what makes this song a hit is the whistle that fades into the end as it were traveling faster than you can catch.

Second is another with an extraterrestrial sound; “Drug Flow” in which he’s joined by Freck Billionaire.

If you’re concerned with the track shooting lasers at you, relax and think how the quick, synth-heavy background pops and gathers as Curren$y; unamused, reclines in the sky. The high-pitched whine atop the complex drum patterns cushion the chorus from being too repetitive, proving once again the producer’s the one with the hit at hand. What Curren$y lacks in delivery is made up for in his producer’s spacecraft sounds.


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