crown jewels


Anyone who knows me knows I can’t do anything without a full jewelry drawer. And if there’s one designer I keep coming back to for new additions, it’s my main man Tom Binns. Ever since I got my first Binns piece during junior year of high school (yes, the “flying fuck” necklace) I’ve been coming back for more. He’s one of the only designers I can say has evolved with me every step of the way in developing my own personal style. We tend to agree each season; whether its gem stones, Duchamp-inspired Dada, magazine jewel cut-outs laminated in plastic (see above, below), or his signature skulls; we always seem to be at the same pace.

Thanks to the recent opening of his first store here in the city (on Perry St., shouts to Courtney), I can now ensure my bank account empty until further notice.


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