who wanna get fukt up

Song of the Day: “Hey Girl” – Keri Hilson (Feat. T-Pain & Lil’ Jon)

Picture 47

Speaking of summer anthems; this one’s up there for 09 consideration. Who can deny a good drinking song? Especially one with a chorus like By the end of the night I’ma have you drunk and throwin’ up / By the end of the night I’ma have you so fucked up.

Produced by Polow da Don and featuring Lil’ Jon and the equally obnoxious T-Pain, this unreleased Keri track was no where to be found on her tragic debut album, nor was it even considered. It’s actually a demo she did for the new Pussycat Dolls knockoff group, The Paradiso Girls (which just goes to show where many Keri-penned gems end up after hiding in the studio for years). While I don’t recommend any sort of Paradiso listening; this demo track, if released as a Keri single, could’ve been what took her writer-turned-singer status to the next-next level. If you’re into Keri’s brand of contagious, novel R&B, you should consider taking a shot of this.


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