d.c. chillin’

Song of the Day: “Chillin'” – Wale (Feat. Lady GaGa)

Saw this dude two years ago with Mark Ronson and since then have grown to appreciate his braggy flow. Hailing from D.C.’s Go-Go driven music scene, Wale strattles a thin line between blogger’s draft and major label success a la Drake. Amassing stacks of critically-acclaimed mixtapes along with his involvement in Ronson’s tour has both helped and harmed him – he has yet to put out his Interscope debut. It seems the more buzz he garners, the slower his album creeps to release, which is sad since it appears he has more support than ever. This, though, is a step forward… and a step back. His official single “Chillin'” has gone through several edits to become what it is at the moment (M.I.A. was supposed to do hook duties). The beat is solid; having mashed together the Steam sample with heavy Casio spirals, it sounds Danja-meets-Jock Jams (even though it’s Cool & Dre). The problem is: with such hot verses and beat, the tacked-on Lady Gaga (does M.I.A) hook sounds like a forced attempt at a hit…which it obviously is, even though it sounds like two separate songs. But, hook aside, this may be the single that catapults Wale to levels he’s bragged about since claiming to have originated the [Levi’s] Shrink-to-Fit trend. The hope is that he gets to the place he’s depicted at in the video, walking inside his local bodega to his very own California Closet. One can only hope.


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  1. cool post, dig the blog. keep up the good werk.


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