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Song of the Day: “Fancy” – The-Dream

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Praised as Dream’s finest yet (at least, of those the singer-songwriter’s left for himself), “Fancy,” is also his mildest composition. Like a long drive’s perfect soundtrack, the song builds itself up to become something of utmost satisfaction. The light keys, Parisian street accordion, and Dream’s cloud-like voice together create a Zen palette for his trademark vocal Tourette’s (eh‘s, ella‘s, etc) to run wild (listen to the end). While his lyrics may have no purpose other than to fill the space atop Tricky Stewart’s cinematic backdrop (they’re comprised of the usual array of post-Puffy era nothingness – hot cars, hot broads, etc), they do sound like an homage to past era’s doo-wop mentality for radio-ready records.

The man knows what he’s doing. Six minutes and thirty seconds later, you’ll realize how he got an entire planet singing ella-ella-ey-ey-ey everytime the word umbrella’s mentioned. It’s his knack for catchiness that’s hypnotized the most unsuspecting listener, hit after hit. “Fancy,” while not a single, maintains this Motown-set formula for Billboard grandeur.

And the Christian Lacroix mention towards the end – now that’s fancy.


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  2. and he does it again.

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