shorty swing my way

Song of the Day: “Swing My Way” – K.P. & Envyi

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People have always asked me how I remember each and every R&B track from the early to mid-nineties (seeing that I was only six during its heyday) and the answer is always the same: my babysitters. They’d drive me around, top down, listening to Total, Jodeci, Brandy, En Vogue, Xscape, Keith Sweat, and so on and so forth, while the rest of pop radio was stuck on Lisa Loeb. This song, though, is one that gets everybody. You remember it, but either hadn’t heard it in a decade or had no clue who it was by.

Come correct. The song is “Swing My Way” and it’s by Atlanta, GA one-hit duo K.P. & Envyi. The track’s hop-skip morse code beat has always been one of my favorites. Smooth at the chorus, spastic with each verse; the song is certified ’97. The video, too. The girls are practically swimming in rayon and K.P.’s patchwork pants are definite FUBU (sunglasses, for sure Tommy). The club scene looks almost lesbian and yes, that’s Polow da Don playing fuck interest/video hoe. His jheri curl seals the deal.


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