my boo

Song of the Day: “My Boo” – Ghost Town DJ’s

“My Boo” is my jam. Always has been, always will be. Continuing on with my love for all things 90’s R&B, this joint is known but tends to go nameless. This may even be your first time hearing it since the 3rd grade. It’s by Jermaine Dupri’s post-Xscape girl group, Ghost Town DJ’s, and it hit radio in 1996. The song is so summer; hell, look at the video. It’s a lot like the “Rump Shaker” video, but definitely steps things up with its car wash scene. The girls getting ready, towelling off and painting their nailsez… it’s like a trip back to Sister/Sister. The J.D. beat is trademark So So Def and is what gave way to his later hits “We Belong Together” and “Confessions.” Borrowing from Miami Bass with its low toned hiss and high-tempo electro beat, the track to this day sounds flawless.


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