shine thru the ozone

Song of the Day: “Soul Glo (The Knocks Remix)” – PRGz

If fresh was a house, this would prolly be the ceiling. And yes, the sample is Eddie Murphy from Coming to America (refresh your memory above). The beat is by The Knocks, a production duo comprised of fellow New Schooler Benjamin Roc (shouts: BRoc) and JPatt. “Soul Glo (The Knocks Remix)” has this slee-ed Kenny G-sounding horn sample that sits behind tight, high-pitched strings, creating a slow-wind exaggeration for Paper Route Gangstaz’s ‘Bama flow. When they’re not rapping about collard greens and cotton picking, they have one liners like; watch out Jermaine, I’m comin’ straight for Janet. Released on Diplo and Benzi’s “Fear and Loating in Hunts Vegas” mixtape, this is one of many hot PRGz tracks. But, for now, let this one shine through.


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