artist spotlite: the gabe dixon band

I’m not one for anything more than classic rock when it comes to the caucasian music scene. So, when I recommend a rock band, bet it’s got some soul. The Gabe Dixon Band dropped into my lap accidentally – they’re from Nashville, TN for fuck’s sake – when I was searching for something else on Limewire. Their album sounds like it could have been released alongside Andy Pratt’s or Elton John’s circa 1973. The sound is vintage piano pop a la Steve Winwood and has the voice of Paul McCartney. They’re bluesy enough to rank beside CCR, wispy enough to parallel Paul Simon, have songwriting skills to match Billy Joel, and could easily open for Coldplay (if they wanted to). Dixon’s winding piano style evokes staircases, skies, highways, and backseats. It’s rumored the album took only ten days to record, basing most of its final material on first takes and live performances. They’re still relatively unknown, seeing that they’ve released three albums prior to The Gabe Dixon Band LP without any notice at all. Have a listen below.

“Find My Way” is my favorite of the trio’s tracks. You can feel each piano key slammed as it were playing live in front of you. I challenge you to keep your foot still.

“Til You’re Gone” is a Winwood-style piano jam that’s a bit Bill Withers, a smidge ragtime, a tad folk, a hint blues, and a sliver gospel.

“Far From Home” is afternoon music. To think of how polished it sounds in only one take – it’s astounding.

“Ever After You” is like an updated Billy Joel and Wings lovechild. It’s as if nothing’s changed since “Piano Man.” If only. The swelling strings give the midtempo a majestic tone.

Lastly, I recommend “Sirens.” It sounds like Paula Cole in her heyday. Raise your hairy pits and imagine you’re at a men’s-only Lillith Fair.


One response to “artist spotlite: the gabe dixon band

  1. gotta run out and buy this CD! I’m hooked!!!

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