get buck bitch


Sandra Backlund is like knitwear wi-fi – she’s all over the place. Her designs are beyond anything you’ve ever seen and unless you’re from Sweden, you’ve probably never heard of her. Her looks could replace those of Fifth Element or Mortal Kombat. Starting her label after graduating from Beckman’s School of Design in Stockholm in 2004, she’s been experimenting with morphing the human figure into the impossible. She considers herself a sculptor rather than a tailor seen through her attention to transforming the wearer’s silhouette. She uses yarn in a way that’s almost unheard-of today: she makes all of the fabric herself. Her dedication and craftsmanship shows her support for the slow fashion movement and is a response to the H&M’s and Forever 21’s. Her creations have been featured in Surface and Another Magazine, but have yet to hit any major publication’s pages. Her clothes pin dress and sci-fi spike top have the ability to burst out of editorials, no special fx needed. Some pieces look aggressive, almost Blade Runner-inspired, in their Sean Young bouffant-shaped swirls. Other designs evoke ink blots and Rorschach tests in their symmetry. Her heavy wool collage knits are extra-terrestrial. Have a glance below at some recent season’s works…




pp-pic8-Photo-John-Scarisbrickpp-pic9-Photo-John-Scarisbrickelle_sweden_pic5_photo_frederik_lieberathin_no_time_pic1_photo_ola_bergengrenin_no_time_pic2_photo_ola_bergengrenin_no_time_pic8_photo_ola_bergengrenlast_breath_bruises_pic8_photo_annika_aschbergPicture 112

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3 responses to “get buck bitch

  1. Have never heard of her. Her designs deffinitly look very diffrent, very brave!

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