Songs of the Day: “Nothing To Worry About” – Wale (Feat. Peter, Bjorn and John)

“Hot Shyt” – Wale (Feat. Peedi Peedi, Black Thought, Tu Phace, & Young Chris)

I’m up and down with Wale. His first major single has Lady Gaga on it (for obvious reasons), his latest mixtape Back to the Feature is boring as hell, and how much longer can we wait for his official LP to drop? His egocentric rhymes don’t sound as realistic when you consider all the industry politics stalling his status. On the flipside, the guy does put out some ripe tracks (his Seinfeld mixtape is full of them). See “Nothing To Worry About,” for example, from Back to the Feature. Drake and Kanye did it, so why not Wal? The Peter, Bjorn and John sample in the background was just waiting to be ripped. The track is straight kinder-rock with its kiddie chorus and steel drums. The Swedish indie rockers always seem to make hip-hop a little bit more flexible. If you’re feeling Wal’s trademark nonchalance, try the Ritz-produced “Hot Shyt” – another new Wale track featuring a crew that puts all other ensemble tracks to rest. They flow on a wiry guitar riff that T-Pain can’t even hook. Thank god.


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