work work work work

Finally, I give you the Ciara “Work” video in full. Best video I’ve seen thus far this year. Amazing styling – come on, the tool belts! – I’m in love. It’s Ciara at her ultimate hoodness (look at them legs shake). With dwindling budgets, singers have given up on anything too pricey, instead choosing striking locations and high-fashion wardrobes for their videos. This one shows how to make the most of out of lower budgets – the clip looks more like a fashion shoot than anything. Missy looks as if she could be photographer with that megaphone. I heard a rumor this video would not be released in the states, instead that we’d receive “Like A Surgeon” as her next single. I see “Work” charting higher than “Like A Surgeon” any day. It’s sad, also, because I believe the vid is exactly what we’ve been missing – Beyonce’s doing all her’s in black and white and, hell, Rihanna hasn’t come out with anything of her own since “Disturbia.” Plus, the vid’s like a tribute to Janet in her prime (or Benny Benassi?). People say they see Beyonce or GaGa, but I see the one who’s inspired her from the start. It’s obvious Ciara’s learned her domineering stance, backup formations, funkiness, and impossibly athletic choreography from Miss Jackson herself. She looks like her if you squint. She even breaks it down solo like she does in “Pleasure Principle” on the scaffolds. Well, except for the backbends she does where she looks like she’s from The Matrix. The desert scene even hints back to another Janet classic vid, “You Want This.”


5 responses to “work work work work

  1. i just DIED.

    fucking heavenly.

    just like YOU

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