Song of the Day: “Short Dick Man” – 20 Fingerz

1994 had its fair share of nastiness. Madonna’s Erotica album (1992) set off the trend and MTV’s The Grind did the rest. The most explicit radio-hit of that year was 20 Fingers’ “Short Dick Man.” I remember listening to it on my Party to Go mix in my basement so my mom wouldn’t hear. Most of the lyrics were bleeped out for Top 40, but still got the message across. Gilette’s repetitive flow is something of a base for current Bmore Club’s revolving-door sound (listen to Chelley’s “I Took The Night” audio no. 1). Peep the vid and try to spot the 90’s fads. I spy: baseball henleys, hats worn backwards, plaid vests and caps, berets, Doc’s, overralls, and peasant shirts. The only thing missing is Jenny McCarthy.

1 “I Took The Night” – Chelley // The bitch could’ve easily made FannyPack. Except for the fact, she can’t count. 1, 2, 4, 3? What’s up with that?

2 “I’m The Ish” – DJ Class // A Bmore Club throwdown that’s just too good not to mention, is this past winter’s “I’m The Ish.” His autotuned voice, ego-fied lyrics, high-paced snares, and bass drops are classic Bmore. The self-assured house jam hasn’t broken the airwaves just yet, which is surprising, since it has club novelty written all over it. Maybe you’ve heard it, maybe you haven’t, but the point is you haven’t heard it enough. If 20 Fingers had a radio hit, then Class is definitely down. If only this track would be played! It would undoubtedly be this summer. Have a hear …

3 “My Life (Extra)” – DJ Technics // If you’re a fan of the spastic, hard-hitting Bmore sound, then sit back with some Wire and codeine, and have a listen to this DJ Technics quickie. You can hear where Diplo found his calling.


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  3. Haha, I also remember the short dick man rocking my teenage world, but lets be honest – who else does? It`s not one of those pieces that would make its mark on the world of music – like Madonna did. It was just a way to earn money.

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