Forever King Front Cover

“MJ Freestyle” – 50 Cent

This record is as street as they come. It’s as scary as it is hilarious. It’s as blasphemous as it is reverent. 50 Cent’s been wack for a good minute and suddenly – boom, crack, Michael dies. He got on the mic mere seconds after hearing the news, recording this desperate freestyle for P.R. kicks. The track is his most recent mixtape Forever King‘s finest. Scratchy and scattered with DJ Whoo Kid shouts and MAC-10 bullets, the beat’s old-school J5 sample helps 50’s antagonist flow sound fresher than usual. Let the mac off / Tear half your back off … what the fuck? There’s even a line in there somewhere about him on meds in juvie. Huh? Maybe the East Coast murder rap all-star has a future as a Michael impersonator. That’s if he cleans up his mouth and starts back on meds. I can only imagine 50 in full Ed Sullivan Show costume, fringed vest and all.


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