I just got out of seeing Bruno, so this is only appropriate…

Song of the Day: “Cold Hearted Snake” – Paula Abdul

Everybody knows I live for Miss Janet. But, Paula? I know, I know. The bitch taught Jan all her moves, but, at one time, was a name unto her own. She sold out tours, had multi-platinum albums, and put out some pretty decent singles. “Straight Up” is still one of my all-time favorite music videos, even after the fact the woman’s abandoned her music career for a very public, drug-addled fall from fame [American Idol]. Laughter aside; Paula’s “Cold Hearted Snake” is her talent showcase. With its New Jack slap and simulated symphonic backtrack, the song is, without a doubt, her prime state. It proves once and for all, Paula was once a boss. The video’s like a Center Stage audition, highlighting her tried and true backup formations on scaffolds and a greased dance floor before Rent was ever conceived. Her Laker girl take on Fosse’s oversexed exaggerations are still being copied to this day. Reason being, it never gets old and always looks fresh. Released in 1989, the David Fincher directed short film commemorates Abdul’s choreographic genius. Rekkonize!


One response to “cold.hearted.snake

  1. Cold Hearted Snake gave me nightmares as a kid. I was 3.

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