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As I mentioned before, I’ve always been enamored by pimps and their exuberant, outlandish dress. Their style is as flamboyant in their music as it is in their lifestyles.

Song of the Day, Pt. 1: “G-Funk” – Nate Dogg

213 represent, represent. What put LBC on the map indefinitely was Dre’s employment of Parliament Funkadelic and Zapp and Roger’s bass-ed over grooves, slowing the sample’s tempos down to create what is known today as the G-Funk genre. Unfuckwitable, really – if Dre’s the godfather of G-Funk, then Nate Dogg’s his disciple. Preaching the good word from coast to coast. Introduced to one another through Dre’s cousin Warren G, they began making music together in the early ’90’s, creating such modern classics as “Regulators” and “Let Me Ride.” G-Funk’s signature subwoofer sound is composed of slee-ed P-Funk samples, sleazy synths, creeping basslines, and ostentatious, preacher-pimp vocals. The tunes are hypnotic as they are laughable. Nieces and nephews, I give you some sucka-free summertime G music. Wobble, wobble.

Song of the Day, Pt. 2: “Players Club” – Rappin’ 4-Tay


3 responses to “g.is4.gfunk

  1. J.T. knows I bumped “Gangsta Gumbo” back in 2005.
    But you present quality material.

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