Picture 142
It looks as if Cassie’s been peeping the S&M blog (maarten’s minute) ’cause she showed up to this years BET Awards in a Mark Fast creation. It’s too bad… who can pay attention to her dress with half her hair missing? She really needs to shave the rest of her head so that she doesn’t look like a hipster’s bad decision. Maybe it’s the reason her sophomore Bad Boy release has been postponed until 2049. I say, shave the remainder, go Badu, and stop being so stupid.


2 responses to “

  1. she’s a very pretty girl, i dont get why she let whoever told her to do that to her hair do that.
    i gotta admit i have 2 cassie songs that are guilty pleasures of mine.

  2. hot dress, awful head…she should have just done it to the end of her eye brow and saved herself the embarrassment. but no way on her shaving her head totally…bitty is not amber rose fierce.

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