Song of the Day: “Throw It In The Bag (Remix)” – Fabolous (Feat. Drake & The-Dream)

I’m shocked that the new season’s Balenciaga bag incarnate hasn’t caught on in the press. It’s no Motorcycle bag, but still, I’m obsessed. Dear Mom, Dad, Friends With Money, and Family Members That Like Me: This is what I’m asking for this birthday. And while you’re shopping, go ahead and indulge your inner Bravo Housewife with a little Loso. I wasn’t excited about his new album until now. His remix to “Throw It In The Bag” has Drake, a sped-up Dream sample (remember “Fancy”?), and plenty of poppin’ taglines to keep you unaware of the actual price.

Picture 145


4 responses to “

  1. someone told me this was good and now i’ve heard it thanks to you!
    love it.

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