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Song of the Day: “Paper Chaser” – Big Sean (Feat. Jay K)

No exceptions – Rihanna’s the only one that can get away with the half-shave. She’s also the only one that can wear Balmain out to dinner and then never wear it again. Why? ‘Cause she a paper chaser. She’s gotta be, considering those $14,000+ shoulder pads she’s been seen in lately. In chasing, she’s inspired the likes of Big Sean‘s money-hungry, skaterboy flow on this mixtape track featuring Jay K. It’s got Ri-Ri’s T.I. hook ripped to shreds and sounding hotter than ever. So hot, in fact, it could’ve easily replaced the theme to Miami Vice without second thought. Consider it the closest you’ll ever get to owning your own Balmain one-off. You can thank me later.
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