j-cole-the-warm-up-450x450World Premiere: “Lights Please” – J.Cole

Jay-Z’s new favorite MC sounds strikingly similar to Wayne’s and Ye’s recent signs (Drake and Big Sean). Since Drake and Cudi blew up on the blog circuit, each hip-hop heavyweight has put a bid on their fave teeny-hopper. Considered “the freshman class of rap,” they tote similar interests – girls, toys, and team sports. Trend aside, J.Cole’s “Lights Please” is a monster. It plays like a contemplative sexcapade, pitting meaning against booty for a new generation of thinkers. The beat, complete with piano stabs and a Dilla-fied vocal loop, rides beneath Cole’s wiser-than-your-average flow to make the track pop. Watch out kids, the boy’s just warming up.


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