Song of the Day: “Da Dip” – Freak Nasty

This goes out to all the women in the world (especially her). It don’t even matter yo age, don’t even matter yo color… when this hit airwaves in ’95, booty bounce had officially landed. I remember singing this with other 8-year-old campers at theater camp clueless of its meaning. The video is straight All That and takes me back to the days of Lori Beth Denberg and Keenan & Kel. Makes me crave a Good Burger to go with all that booty. Orange soda, anyone?


3 responses to “da.dip

  1. your blog is really one of my favorites, you take me back! all that and k&k!!!
    that picture of obama and the french president is too funny!

  2. omg! What ever happened to Lori Beth Denberg? Remember all those skits from All That and Cheeburger?!!!

  3. ahh:)
    wasn’t this around the same time we were all trying to do the tootsie roll too? jock jams vol.1, holla.

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