Vodpod videos no longer available.
Detroit MC, Royce Da 5’9, is an enigma. Is he signed or isn’t he? Is he on lock or not? He’s released each of his albums on different record labels. His upcoming album, Street Hop, should set shit straight when it drops this September. The first two singles are of the fiercest hip-hop has to offer. “Shake This,” (above) produced by DJ Premier, is comprised of a fiery David Axelrod sample only your dad would recognize. “Part of Me” is a farcical, Pied Piper-esque foray into streetwise storytelling (try watching the video without your jaw hitting the floor). Included below as well is a mixtape track of his from last year entitled “Crazy (911).” It came out just as Obama was taking office and plays like hip-hop’s official wakeup call. Go on, show dem mothafuckas…

“Part of Me” – Royce Da 5’9

“Crazy (911)” – Royce Da 5’9


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