S622TteBHopa3g2cZNxMCfKYo1_1280Song of the Day: “The Beat Is Hot” – Roscoe P. Coldchain (Feat. Clipse & Boo-bonic)

Roscoe P. Coldchain: the little-known lips to The Neptune’s Star Trak label, is some kind of rapper. He’s more than conversational. He’s more than confrontational. He’ll engross you in his monotone rambling about robbing banks, kicking your sister’s ass, and killing your Dachshund; no flinch. I’m Da Vinci – don’t make me draw your pain. Best line ever? His delivery is so careless, it’s untouchable. The Neptunes Present…Clones comp featured his flow genius first on “The Beat Is Hot,” featuring Pusha T of Clipse and Fam-Lay’s Boo-bonic. The track’s beat, courtesy of the space-pop production duo (Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams), consists of a trunk-rattling suction and tingling triangle. It’s undeniably simple, but compliments perfectly Coldchain’s unapologetic apathy. I’ve included a second track for further spit reference: “I’m Not You” (below) by Clipse featuring Styles P (of The LOX) and of course, Roscoe. It’s coke-rap’s finest hour. Culinary chemist!? Amazing. Peep some snaps from the Clipse concert Jackson and I attended (as unofficial Caucasian representatives) this past spring at The Studio at Webster Hall.


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