fashion focus: alex.mack

I’m starting a new post series that reflects on my personal style influences, entitled ‘fashion focus.’ I promise once I’m fully moved into my new apartment I will have the August edition of mh.edits up. In the meantime, for the first post of the series, it’s my love for plaid explained. No, it doesn’t come from anything grunge-inspired or hipster (hell, I was listening to Janet in ’93 not Alice in Chains), it’s pieces from my whimsical tween love affair with Larisa Oleynik or better known to SNICK viewers as Alex Mack from The Secret World of Alex Mack. She was cute, had killer style (and if I remember correctly an amazing hat collection), along with the fact that she could morph into that weird silver CGI goop whenever she had to escape from her crush or the scientists that were chasing her. But when I think of Alex, it’s her affinity for the checked flannel that I remember most. She’d accompany any overall or backwards cap with an open plaid buttondown, either tied upon her waist or sizes too large, slouched atop her tee. It’s the root of my endearment for the pattern that so often ends up on my back.


n34601972_30638186_8452Me ‘n’ my girl Rox watching that Alex Mack.

n34601972_31578628_1476Me ‘n’ my cousin Vera watching that Alex Mack.


2 responses to “fashion focus: alex.mack

  1. LOL! this is why i love it over here!!! Alex Mack!! I cant believe you brought that up!

  2. HOw about CLARISSA exPlains it all. here opening credits outfit is sooo Hawt. i rather dislike melissa joan heart but that opener needs to be mention.

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