Mario-singer-13So, his mother’s a crackhead. Get over it. He lost on Dancing With The Stars. I’m over it. Reality shows have the ability to make anyone into disastrous play figurines. Sadly, for Mario’s music career; bad decisions have overshadowed his grace as of late. The cat is talented and has even been tagged as the Al Green of his day. His last album, the seductive Go, still stands as one of ’07’s best. His voice never tires in my opinion, his songwriting’s always on point and personal, it’s his generic positioning that’s done him in. Do remember: the kid gave us “Let Me Love U” in 2004 (Billboard All Time Top 100 #45) when he was only 18. He’s suiting up for an attempted comeback this September when he drops his fourth LP entitled D.N.A. While these songs are nothing final, they should give a good taste of what’s to come for the 22-year-old R&B crooner. Disregard his label’s first single choice, “Break Up,” penned by the hurl-worthy Sean Garrett, and have a listen to some colossal pre-cut tracks I’ve got my hands on instead.

World Premiere, Pt. 1: “Stuttering” – Mario
Production by Stargate. Catchy as hell. Turn that bass up.

World Premiere, Pt. 2: “Crazy Kind of Love” – Mario
Written with The-Dream. Song is gold. Why aren’t xylophones used in more songs?

Tell that zero that he need to get his weight up.


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  1. some friends in la, thought you would enjoy 🙂

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