artist spotlite: pacewon & mr green

One MC. One DJ. Last year’s best hip-hop album – hands down. Released on the little-known Raw Poetix label, The Only Color That Matters Is Green combines Pacewon’s Rakim-esque flow with beatsmith Green’s accompanying concrete rhythms. On “Children Sing” (below), Green splits children’s choir chants into unrecognizably colorful sonic collages of adolescent “ooh’s” and “ahh’s.” Pacewon graces Green’s symphonic street backdrops with unpretentious ease. Paying no mind to current hip-hop’s confused state of autotune and Grey Goose, Pacewon & Mr. Green achieve heights with their homegrown sound. Forget the mainstream, these dudes are the closest we’ll get to forgetting Flo-Rida ever happened. Hear it here first:

1 “Four Quarters” – White collar, blue collar. I holler. You holler. Let’s get together. Four quarters make a dollar. Middle America’s Confucius raps on Billy Bob Thornton, Wall Street, and food stamps.

2 “So Straight” – Fruits, vegetables, champagne and OJ. Sounds good to me.


2 responses to “artist spotlite: pacewon & mr green

  1. Cool sound!Great title!

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