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In her first-ever interview since Michael’s passing, music icon Janet Jackson sits down with Harper’s Bazaar to confirm she’s done with JD (Jermaine Dupri), not taking custody of MJ’s kids, and has a movie, album, and book in the works (all planned out before her brother’s death – don’t worry). It’s no publicity stunt this time. She’s been thrown back into the spotlight for obvious reasons and it’s her timing that so resonates with her modestly poignant persona. While LaToya and Jermaine have been accused of publicity-humping the situation, Janet’s taken her time to heal. As she states in the exclusive article, her tonic is her work and finds that the only way to tackle her grief is by keeping busy. Free from what many fans saw as her ultimate decline (JD’s presence in her work and love life), Janet seems positioned for a life after love. Her creativity’s always flourished when times have been tough (The Velvet Rope, anyone?). She will return to the stage this Sunday to open the MTV VMA’s with a special, eagerly-awaited Michael Jackson tribute. Of all her siblings, Janet has forever been the most subdued. It’s in times of trauma that displays people’s innermost inklings and it’s in her shielded response to the loss that’s cemented her as the most real of her clan. I’m happy she’s decided to open up so cordially. Everyone’s been asking — what’s Janet’s take? Now you have it. Wishing my girl all the best. The issue hits stands September 22, 2009.

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One response to “return.2.grace

  1. She’s gorgeous inside and out, with that velvety voice of hers.

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