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World Premiere: “Up Out My Face” – Mariah Carey

Miss Nick Cannon must have dished some pretty penny to cop the sound of Bankhead, Atlanta a.k.a. Radio Killa’s signature narrative flow for her forthcoming album. The entire 17 track LP is written and produced by Dream team: Terius “The-Dream” Nash and Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, meaning that it’s all catchy, witty and clever. I’ve been off of Mariah since her Butterfly era, and thought Memoirs would be another sap-fest or “Touch My Body” disaster, but to my pleasant surprise – hearing the 39-year-old pop superstar do her best R.Kelly impression ended up being the most enjoyable thing I’ve heard since “Trapped In The Closet.” The writing on this album is some of The-Dream’s finest and though it makes me sad he wasn’t able to hoard them for himself, Mariah’s prissy-ness carries Dream and Tricky’s radio-ready legacy quite nicely. My favorite cut, “Up Out My Face”, is a guaranteed hit record that’ll take MC’s hit-count to what – 204? If we were two Lego blocks, not even the Harvard University graduating class of 2010 could put us back together again! Hear it here first.

jessica_rabbitYou gon’ getta lotta calls ’cause I CC’d all your friends


4 responses to “standing.o

  1. im old fashioned i go crazy for the mariah songs i grew up with. “sweet fantasy” and all that.
    but i do like the line in the obsessed song where she says, “im a press conference you a conservation”

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