Par2820278Alexander McQueen / Spring 2010 / Paris Fashion Week

Platformed hooves, acid digi-prints, asexual shapes, and pro-nails… all Smoke & Mirrors favorites. McQueen once again saves Fashion Week! My favorite collection of the season by far: McQ4life.


photos courtesy of reuters

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  1. OMG! it’s cellophane outfits and glitter hoof platforms ! Don’t think it’s workin in Buf

  2. Modesprofessor Glasscock

    Apparently Lee took the good acid this season.

  3. when i saw those shoes i immediately thought of a wearable version of these…

  4. I never get tired of drooling over McQueen designs… NEVER!

  5. love ’em…but let’s get real and downright pragmatic…is it wearable outside the runway? I can answer that…myself….no…but it doesn’t matter. Enormously creative!

  6. Your text about fashion week are really pertinent, I’m lovin it .

  7. Uuuummm I watched the show and I’m sorry you guys I really DIDN’T like it… at all…

    The only good thing about the collection are those awesome heels but the dresses… mwaaeh. Have seen better stuff this season.

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