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World Premiere: “Every Other” – Bow Wow

To say Bow Wow is/was an interesting pop entity would be an understatement. I wouldn’t be caught dead listening to [Lil’] Bow Wow – that is, until the shorty dropped his mentor JD (So So Def) and signed with Cash Money (Wayne and Young Money, Juvenile, Baby, Mannie) to face his manhood. He has yet to prove to the game he can abandon his teeny-hopper past for street-worthy material and has employed production duo Cool & Dre to help in the attempt. Since the sign, Bow’s released his Greenlight mixtape to over 500,000 downloads in a day and a half, proving there’s more than just a lil’ interest in his mature repositioning. (I’m not saying he’s rhyming like Mobb Deep now by any means.) On this track, Bow does his best Drake impression and goes the singy-rap route atop a shuttering key-laden accompaniment. The production is on point – it’s worth a listen and one hell of a double take.


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