6292World Premiere: “Love Come Down” – Dirty Money
(Diddy, Dawn, & Kaleena)

Sean Combs has too much money for his own good. I remember buying Puff’s Forever album in ’99, crying. It was so terrible – wanting and needing Puff Daddy & The Family’s No Way Out back; we haven’t been the same since. Other than my guilty pleasure being Making The Band(s), Diddy and I have put our relationship on hold. From what I’ve heard of Last Train To Paris, his televised [Making His Band] concept album with ex-Danity Kane member Dawn and newbie Kaleena, he might be able to rekindle our former flame. Is there another “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems” in the man/corporation? With too many wrongs to right, Diddy disappears behind a new name once again. “Dirty Money” is what seems like his 12th name change. The result is a tribal street banger only dirty money could buy (“Love Come Down”). Though, sadly, it would be a better endeavor altogether were the boss left off.

PuffDaddyNoWayOutMo’ Money, Mo’ Problems indeed.


5 responses to “bad.boy

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  5. Such a good song

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