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World Premiere: “Empire State of Mind” – Jay-Z (Feat. Alicia Keys)

It would be wrong as a New Yorker and a hip-hop fan not to post this vid. I must admit, watching Hov and Keys open game 2 of the World Series made me reconsider hating BP3…and baseball.


5 responses to “ny.ny

  1. NO LIE…this video is fail. Like legit, no. When did Jay become such a bobble head and when did Alicia become so…extra poorly dressed and over singy. I liked the sing, didn’t love, and now it’s just becoming annoying. I expected a better video.

    BUT. YANKEES 4EVER and them opening up was amazing, even if the camera work/sound sucked. haha

  2. hate BP3?

    you crazy. it ain’t his best, but there is some good shit on it.
    swizzy went crazy with on to the next one.

    but yea, this song makes me feel crazy nostalgic and the video..ain’t terrible. i like the beginning.

    props from your reader in okinawa

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