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The dying craft of couture has found its new emperor. Search for Stephane Rolland on and you’re bound to come back with ‘no results’. That’s why I’m glad to see someone’s (other than my own) eye was caught by his spring Haute Couture show. That someone being Mariel Haenn, Rihanna’s super-stylist, who dressed her client in one of his most stunning creations to accept the “Woman of the Year” award at this year’s Glamour honors at Carnegie Hall. Looking like a crumbled pile of paper planes, the gown exhibits there’s still relevance within the few houses of couture in existence today. Hopefully the man whose experience boasts being both creative director for Balenciaga’s menswear division and ten years designing for coutourier Jean-Louis Scherrer, sees his dues. Bring couture back. [To Ri-Ri: I could’ve waited longer had “Wait Your Turn (Wait Is Ova)” been good.]

Picture 310photos courtesy of tfs

2 responses to “bring.couture.back

  1. queen rania wears her too, in fact i was just reading an article where the designer of her dress is mentioned.

    that dress is really incredible.

  2. Word has it that rhianna’s new fashion love is dean quin! i cannot wait to see what comes out of that…

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