track anatomy: do not disturb

Before Vicky B[eckham] realized she couldn’t sing and subsequently gained tabloid fame in the states, she got together with then Roc-A-Fella CEO, Damon Dash, to record this devastation. Butchering The System’s original, Beckham must’ve realized she couldn’t actually be serious. It’s most likely the reason she hung up the girl group lipsynching to develop her fashion persona. [She chose not to release the single stateside and instead did their Roc-A-Wear ad campaign] At least Posh can dress.

“This Groove” – G-Side & Burn One
Don’t sleep on G-Side. Mad love for ‘Bama.


2 responses to “track anatomy: do not disturb

  1. as much as i adore VB, music isnt her thing, but there is one song she did that like: Let Your Head Go, it even has a pretty funny music video too.

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