The Blog Made Me Do It, Vol. 1 – an MH mixtape
–stream (below) & download here

A collection of tracks selected from across the globe never before featured on Smoke & Mirrors. There’s something from Prague (DJ Wich), Philly (Freeway), New York (B.I.G., Big Pun), N’Orleans (Juvenile), Alabama (G-Side, Rich Boy) and one from the Arkansas’ Forrest City Federal Prison (T.I.). If you have an imeem account you can sample some tracks (by clicking here) before the mix drops tomorrow.

Guaranteed the funkiest shit out.
Real rap. No filler.


7 responses to “the.mixtape

  1. exciteeeeeeddddddddd!

  2. haha, the funkiest shit guarenteed.
    When I saw that I nearly chocked, and that picture. ‘The blog made me do it’, I’d probably use that excuse for most of my posts. Nice one!

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  5. YES!!!!!!!!

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