My sophomore year of high school, I arrived to my place of work at the time (I only worked retail once – go figure) with cornrows. I was told to cover them up with a Von Dutch hat, that I was “scaring customers” or to leave work early. Sounds like discrimination now, but, at the time I was just afraid of getting my ‘rows ruffled. I had them done for homecoming so I wasn’t about to destroy them with a trucker hat. I concluded that my boss was a tool, didn’t take his advice, and was “relieved” of the position a week later. Reflecting back, it was one of the most defining moments of my teens.

The tanks are out. Vengeance is in motion. The little white boy that could is in control now.  I’d like to go back today and see how things run now that Obama’s in charge. Have things changed? The Blog Made Me Do It, Vol. 1 is dedicated to all those who have doubted difference. Those who think one couldn’t live beyond his/her stereotypes. Those who halt potential with their tunnel visions. This one’s for you…and you…and you…

I’ve compiled a collection of the hardest-hitting tracks never before featured on the blog straight from hip-hop’s underground. Spanning the globe, from Prague to New Orleans, New York to Alabama, the mixtape boasts 24 cuts above the rest. A hood mentality fluxed by rock, pop, soul, techno, and punk: the set is bonafied bonkers. Call it that bullet through your chest music. Featuring artists you’ve heard of and unknowns soon to break, the mix is concocted to blow all the non-believers to the street. Get ready to detonate your subwoofers. Remember where you heard it first & njoi. (Click the link below to download the .zip file)

Smoke & Mirrors presents…
The Blog Made Me Do It, Vol. 1
An MH Mixtape

View the tracklist after the jump.

1 Africa (Intro) – Double A & Kid SL (feat. Fatman Scoop)
2 Get Fresh (Zombie Nation Remix) – Kid Sister
3 The Opposite of Adults (KIDS) – Chiddy Bang (feat. MGMT)
4 Do My Thing – DJ Wich (feat. Nironic)
5 Poor Boy – Shaun Boothe (feat. Queen)
6 I’m Expecting – Juvenile (feat. Three 6 Mafia)
7 Speed of Sound – G-Side
8 Bussdown – Freddie Gibbs
9 Lov It – KD & H.@.M
10 All Things Go – Chiddy Bang (feat. Sufjan Stevens)
11 We Like It – Rich Boy (feat. Rico Love)
12 Little Things – Yung Nate (feat. Mada)
13 Best To Do It – Big L / Big Pun / The Notorious B.I.G.
14 Blinded By The Light – Jackie Chain
15 If I – Freeway
16 Paradise – G-Side
17 Give It Up – DJ Wich (feat. Little Brother)
18 Give Up Your Guns – DJ Wich (feat. Royce da 5’9, Talib Kweli & Raekwon)
19 Everything’s Gonna Be Alright – Kickdrums (feat. Freeway & Young Chris)
20 They Don’t Know How – DJ Wich (feat. Havoc, Kurupt & Roscoe)
21 Weather Man (Interlude) – Freeway
22 It’s All Up To You (Take My Hand) – DJ Wich
23 Let ‘Em Talk – T.I. (feat. Brandon & Big Kuntry)
24 Criminal – The Roots (feat. Saigon & Truck North)

I do not work for any artist featured. These tracks were not recorded for this compilation. I do not claim ownership for any track, only the collection. For promotional use only, support the artists. Photo courtesy of Richard Burbridge. Image courtesy of Jackson Moad. Special thanks to Sneaker Advantage.


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  1. I’m only half way through it and OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU. AMAZE.

  2. barry paul clark.

    MURDER. you kill me.

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  5. youcouldbelievethis

    OMG, isn’t anyone else amazed by this girl’s ass? I am, it’s like whoa!

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  9. I’ve taken the link down because it hit 400+ downloads. Not bad. It will be back up when I put up the next in the series!!!!!

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  11. great article.

  12. honestly….this is the best thing to ever happen to me!! thank youuuuuu

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