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You could say this was the reason I’m dating an Asian.
[..Word is the three-year-old’s been recruited for Janet’s ’10 world tour..]



I should’ve waited and asked for this humorously “fake” Tom Binns version of the Chanel J12 watch. I got a black one for high school graduation, but could never get myself to wear it on a daily basis. Would it be wrong to deface my original? [Coco’s rolling in her grave.]


My freshman year roommate, “Jimi James”, brought these babies to my attention. They’re Air Jordan heels! The second I saw them I couldn’t help but two-step to some old school Montell. They’re not official in any way, but, hell are they fly. Fly in a tacky-campy-Mariah Carey-uglier-than-sin kind of way. Speaking of MC, the diva commissioned a pair of Jordan heels for an NBA All-Star Game back in ’03. I’d like to see a Pump or LA Gear version at some point. Calling Pierre Hardy! This is how you do it.

photos courtesy of the shoe game, nike-dealers, & freddyo

I’ll take two of the B&W blazers,
a pair of the terrorist print wedges,
and the rest to go.
Thanks Tisci.

photos courtesy of tfs


9 Best Films of ’09

(read left to right, top to bottom: bottom being best of year)
Honorable Mentions:
District 9, The Cove, & Good Hair


Fatman Scoop that is. If you’ve ever heard an obnoxious call to action in the club, it’s probably him. He’s like hip-hop’s human alarm clock. The screaming radio DJ’s been filling floors since appearing on the scene in the late 1990’s (most notably working beside Crooklyn Clan, The Beatnuts, and Timbaland & Magoo) and hasn’t disappeared yet. His rough, loudcore persona has graced the Save The Last Dance (“Be Faithful”) and You Got Served soundtracks (“Drop”), a Mariah remix or two, and of course, Missy Elliott and Ciara’s hit, “Lose Control.” When Scoop asks you (or rather yells) to drop – you drop. ‘Cause we wouldn’t want to see the outcome had you not. Not with that voice.

His latest collaboration pits Baltimore’s favorite, DJ Class, against the Fatman’s hollers. Talk about a club banger. Below are a collection of his greatest hits.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
“Be Faithful” – Fatman Scoop (Feat. Crooklyn Clan & Faith Evans)

“It’s Like That” – Mariah Carey (Feat. Jermaine Dupri & Fatman Scoop)

“Drop” – Timbaland & Magoo (Feat. Fatman Scoop)

Vodpod videos no longer available.
“Lose Control” – Missy Elliott (Feat. Ciara & Fatman Scoop)


I’d give my left nut for this $74,000 crocodile Balmain jacket.

photos courtesy of lvr


Am in the midst of compiling a year-end best-of list,
along with a decade’s most fantasmical.
Look for updates this month.

BEST TRACKS of ’00s – coming soon
BEST ALBUMS of ’00s – coming soon

( There’s nothing I love more than a good pair of city slicka leather leggings. )

Friend and New York fashion designer, Frank Tell, is on the heels of presenting his latest Pre-Fall collection to the world. He sent Smoke & Mirrors an exclusive holiday peek at his upcoming lookbook and I’m pleased to say, the results are top-notch. Employing his understated black and white palette, Tell has crafted wearable looks that blend just the right amount of street and floss. With a focal point on decaying knits, Tell broadens his budding line with unlikely material pairings – satin cuir and cashmere, stretch leather and angora, fox, mink, raccoon and montana wool, cotton and mohair. Look out, Wang. Tell has joined the gang.

photos courtesy of frank tell

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Song of the Day: “Back To Life” – Soul II Soul

This song and video have always been one I live by – the strings, the moves, the braids, the white guy in the background with the bongos and PC. Um-azing. One more paper = one more weekend of cramming and I’m back to life in full force. Wish me luck.


My most recent acquisition: a sterling knuckle implant.
Happy Hanukkah MF’s

peace up, a-town down


Safeguarding prison showers everywhere, Tom Ford has introduced his own branded version of the ever-popular soap-on-a-rope. It doubles as a bludgeoning device and/or noose.
(Kill yourself.)

World Premiere: “Skip To Ma Luu” – Serani (Feat. Ding Dong)

Wherever you are, wherever you’re from – this’ll getcha skippin’. If you’re going somewhere tropical for Xmas, this here track should be packed inside your carry-on for easy access. The joint’s been topping the charts in Kingston since it was released this past year. It has a 4 dollar video and stupid (amazing) dance to go with it. Surely, while it may sound like a novel little diddy here, it’s a national pastime there.


The undisputed heroine of The September Issue and god-forsaken savior of Vogue (US) magazine, Grace Coddington, grants an exclusive interview to The Times.


Jude Law at the Sherlock Holmes premiere, Leicester Square, UK
December 14, 2009

Look familiar?


Lucy Hutching’s “Box” ring is like your finger’s own private dingleberry.


Rihanna’s “Hard” video is here
Continue reading

This vintage Versace handbag’s like something straight out of Lil’ Kims closet circa Hardcore. How perfect it wuddabeen for her “Crush On You” phase.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
I got my own baguettes.


Song of the Day, Pt. I: “Push” – Izza Kizza

There’s no denying Izza Kizza is weird. The self-proclaimed rap ogre has a flow so staggering (at times turning to spoken word monologues; see “Testimonial” below), it’s no wonder the mainstream hasn’t caught on. Imagine Kizza as the Legend of the Hidden Temple and he’s perfect. Babbling tribally and in the background, he’s Missy and Timbo’s perfect underground muse.

Song of the Day, Pt. II: “Walk The Dog” – Izza Kizza
(Feat. Missy Elliott)

Song of the Day, Pt. III: “Testimonial” – Izza Kizza


Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, S/S 2010 RTW

photo (top) courtesy of


Song of the Day: “My Hood” – B.G. (Feat. Mannie Fresh & Gar)

One more week of grindin’ (finals),
then I’m back to my hood (Buffalo)

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Pugh ‘Do by Raphael, photo x David Yellen.

photos courtesy of (middle) showstudio &


I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like Sao Paolo designer,
Andreia Chaves‘ “Invisible Shoe.”

photo courtesy of yatzer


In this recession, the king of all excess has been very clear about his re-branding of sorts. He’s no longer a solo artist, is selling his fragrances via HSN, and has an avant-grade spread in the latest V Man on newsstands now. No longer is the shiny suit man churning out hits like he used to. He’s toned down his steez with the help of stylist Jay Massacret and photographer Chad Pittman. Love him or hate him, the hip-hop impresario’s changed the game in more ways than one (peep Shaun Boothe‘s Diddy “Biography” freestyle below for a crash course). Will 2010 see Puff’s reemergence? Last Train To Paris drops this March.

photos courtesy of v man


I used to be obsessed with Toni a.k.a. T-Bags. I’d beg my mom to take me to see her when she’d tour with Kenny G. (You heard me right.) Her voice is – to this day – deeper than mine. I’d have to smoke four packs a day to lower my range to Braxton depths. How did no one question her gender throughout the ’90s? Surely no one was man enough for her for a reason.

Song of the Day, Pt. I: “You Mean The World To Me” – Toni Braxton

Song of the Day, Pt. II: “You’re Making Me High” – Toni Braxton

Song of the Day, Pt. III: “He Wasn’t Man Enough” – Toni Braxton


Break out the Laffy Taffy and ribbon candy. Winner of this year’s Dutch Design Award for Product Design and Jewelery, Iris Van Herpen is Amsterdam’s rising fashion star. Having worked under Alexander McQueen and Viktor & Rolf, Van Herpen’s got a resume to end all resumes. Her works are like something out of IMAX. The 3-D creations look like lemon meringues ready for consumption. Willy Wonka-ready, if you will. Definitely one of my favorites of the moment.

photos courtesy of (top) dazed digital & iris van herpen site


Song of the Day: “Ride Around Shining/Hard”
– Clipse (Feat. Ab-Liva)

In honor of Clipse‘s third album (‘Til The Casket Drops) hitting the streets tomorrow, I give you the ultimate Clipse-Rihanna blend to hold you over. The Brothers Clipse “Ride Around Shining” on Dream & Tricky’s “Hard” production. Yes. Cocaine quiches? I don’t know about that. Perhaps, too hard. Rihanna and Shy Ronnie? Just right.

[clearspring_widget title=”Digital Short: Shy Ronnie” wid=”4727a250e66f9723″ pid=”4b1d196e5ff04ff1″ width=”384″ height=”283″ domain=””]

fashion focus: fjall.raven

Come wintertime, I wake up in my Fjällräven bubble jacket. No, it’s not because I love hip-hop. It was given to me by my dad when I went to college as a sort-of global warming survival tactic. It’s double-down, crazy comfy, and the best quality known to man. He had it since he was in high school in Sweden and it lasted ’til now, so, you know it ain’t no North Face. The historic brand started as a hiking company selling tents and rucksacks. They’ve been gaining attention in the states ever since selling their backpacks at Opening Ceremony. Now, they’ve opened their first flagship stateside (located at 262 Mott Street) and it’s like a little slice of home. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

photos courtesy of (top) fjallraven & (bottom) freshness mag

World Premiere: “Take Your Shirt Off” – T-Pain

I honestly didn’t favor T-Pain until I viewed this here video. (Alright, he’s always been alluring.) Petey Pablo’s “Raise Up” takes on a new meaning entirely when Mr. Autotune suggests his white frat friends take their shirts off for a step-off supporting Christian Charities. Bringing North Carolina to Tallahassee, FL, Teddy Pinder outdoes himself. How ridiculous can one get? Pack George Clinton, Rick Ross, an orange hearse, one BIG ASS CHAIN, and some Girls Gone Wild into one room and then give me a straight answer. J’adore MOB

Vodpod videos no longer available.


I thought I knew what pointe shoes were, until I saw Michel Perry‘s.


Please, no.
Rumor is Kanye West’s doing a line for Fendi.
Is this what the recession has done to the luxury market? No me endorse.
(Word to Mr. West: Do what you do best and leave our jobs alone.)


It’s hard to digest the fact that demi-couture god, Christian Lacroix, is over.
The era of excess has officially come and gone.

photo courtesy of luxuo


The 2009 Grammy nominations have been released to the world. The worst awards show in the biz (second to the ESPY’s) announced their nods yesterday…and as always, they’re appalling. Best Rap Album – Flo Rida? (Really?) Best record – “I Gotta Feeling”? (Really?) And where’s The-Dream at? He wrote a third of the songs nominated, but Radio Killa‘s got no nods of his own. Fukkouttahere!

Why wasn’t I around when Sprouse was affordable?
This sticker print blazer goes for a mere grand nowadays at Resurrection.

photo courtesy of resurrection


Skinning my donkey as we speak.
No lie. I want these done by Hanukkah.

photo courtesy of brian lin & trendhunter mag


I’m pleased to announce my partnership with the ultimate fashion web source, Fashion Indie, where I will be contributing a weekly dispatch exclusively for the site. Now, you can get your dose of hip-hop and high fashion whenever scrolling through the popular fashion site. My first post‘s up today. Big ups to Daniel and the rest of the Indie crew. X


Parsons’ own Michelle Viau for Isabel Marant S/S 2010
by Jackson Moad

photo courtesy of


Wow! There’s been so many military references on S&M lately, you’d think I was the one sending more troops to Afghanistan. The mixtape, the tank chair, now Burberry’s Pre-Fall 2010 collection. This pseudo-season, Bailey takes the classic trench back home to its roots on the minefield. But, all in good taste – Bailey makes some of the most beautiful clothes around. Here’s to wishing war looked so good!

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