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Fuck Gaga. Fuck Bey. Ciara wins the fashion Grammy’s with Givenchy.
Hands down.

Colbert agrees.


MH.edits : jan.10

1 Comme des Garcons bustle coat
2 Stella McCartney wooden wedges
3 3.1 Phillip Lim grey alpaca scarf
4 Viktor & Rolf navy wool cardigan
5 Jackson small hunter green calfskin L-zip clutch
6 Jean-Michel Cazabat buckle boots
7 Eight Below Zero by Dave Ulrich round frame tortoise shell sunglasses
8 Alex B long sleeve tee
9 Docksta “Gunilla” clogs
10 Vintage Shofar bag
11 Ann Demeulemeester black open weave wool sweater
12 Bottega Veneta tan braided bracelet
13 Vintage Ann Klein lion necklace
14 Alaia black wool-blend leggings
15 Vintage rabbit fur coat


Miss Jackson in Hannah Marshall


The ever-popular prison tat goes high brow (literally) for Rihanna.
Luckily hers has a pull-away tab for when she realizes she looks foolish before 10pm. Wish the same could be said for Weezy’s.


photo (top) courtesy of
via givenchy couture / spring 2010 / paris


World Premiere: “Up Out My Face (Remix)” –
Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj

One of the best songs of last year (#18 to be exact) finally gets its remix and video treatment. With fellow Barbie girl (Nicki Minaj) in tow, Mariah lets all her skeptics know she’s smarter than them. The use of cascading words may be broke and campy, but she’s smart enough to use humor instead of cash in this recession. I guess you could say Mariah ultimately wins here, especially since she skimped on paying a director (she just asked her hubby) and, in turn, probably saved a bundle. Only question: about the color scheme…did Target sponsor?


I love that Riccardo Tisci’s new get-it-girl is Ciara. I mean, how Smoke & Mirrors is that?? Tisci debuted his spanking new Givenchy muse last night at a private cocktail party for the R&B star celebrating Couture Week in Paris. It’s just one of the many reasons I keep the line so close to my heart. WORK!

photos courtesy of wwd & yb&f


Celebrating Swedish pride/Restaurant Week NYC at Aquavit
Join in on the celebration here.


Gwendolyn Huskens
‘ ‘medic aesthetic’ footwear makes injury look good.

photos courtesy of design boom &  l’instant magic


World Premiere: Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers
Tom Caruana presents… Wu-Tang Clan vs. The Beatles

The Grey Album was so 00’s. DJ/Producer, Tom Caruana, took gritty 90’s Wu-capellas and macerated them skankily (or rather unrecognizably) with Liverpool’s own interviews, samples, and back-tracks to create a Blakroc-sounding 27 song mixtape. (Highlights include: “Run” and “Got Your Money”) The finished product is a start-to-finish listen that’ll rob your innocent eardrums of anything you’ve heard in the last month or so. Do you like it raw? Download the full mixtape or stream individual tracks here.


From this…
Vodpod videos no longer available.

to this…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Song of the Day: “What Would You Do?” – City High


This is scary – I can’t tell if this new AXE product is real or fake.
(‘Cause real men don’t use loofahs?)
Just like that Taco Bell “Drive-Thru Diet” commercial. Gets me every time.


Last Wednesday I went to The Box for Sophomore‘s lookbook film (by Cass Bird) unveiling. Unexpectedly, the short film ended up being a one-off carbon copy of the funniest, rarest doc around; Wildwood, New Jersey. Big ups to Mel Ottenberg who styled the mini-vid. Take a trip back to the early 90’s and compare the two below…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Henrik Vibskov
‘s sweater knit waist-tie pants are LIFE.
They remind me a great deal of a pair of sweats (below) I acquired at the amazing Zipper boutique in Amsterdam. They’re made entirely of reconstructed vintage hoodie pieces. How eco…

photos (top) courtesy of assembly new york

Oops! (Oh my…) there goes my dignity down the drain.
Smoke & Mirrors enters the twittersphere today.
Follow me @ smokeMHmirrors


World Premiere: “As We Enter” – Nas & Damian Marley
Da word is out… Dementia.
Distant Relatives drops April 20, 2010.
Either move on or move on it.


The blade I shave with:
close shave
every time.

photo courtesy of jennifer kobrin vintage


Vodpod videos no longer available.
Song of the Day: “Here Comes The Hotsteppa” – Ini Kamoze

People still weary of the connection between hip-hop and high fashion: listen no further – “Here Comes The Hotsteppa” by Ini Kamoze was the first to be adopted by the fashion community successfully. So successfully, in fact, it went to #1 on Billboard in 1994 after being featured on the soundtrack to Robert Altman’s Ready to Wear (Pret-a-Porter). The Salaam Remi-produced dancehall track was also featured on Jock Jams in ’95, but it was Altman’s initial nod that blew Kamoze up instantly.


21st century visionary, Nick Knight, takes Alexander McQueen‘s latest season to the wild side. As if it weren’t wild already, McQueen‘s works get the full-on “Knight” treatment with a tangled and slightly camouflaged Raquel Zimmerman, slithering serpents, and those infamous snakeskin platform hooves. Look for Lee’s new ad in next month’s glossies.

photo courtesy of tfs


I would trade half my wardrobe for this vintage Issey Miyake jacket.
It looks so much like Vegas’ flashing neon lights.

photo (top) courtesy of resurrection


Look out for this month’s Dazed & Confused where stylist Katie Shillingford and photographer Josh Olins get together with Viktor & Rolf‘s chainsaw-ed Cinderella gowns for some vintage-inspired beauty shots. Lush.

photos courtesy of tfs

track anatomy: stargaze

“Your Love” – Nicki Minaj

“No More I Love You’s” – Annie Lennox

“Starz” – Jaylib

“The Stars Are Out Tonight” – Starcastle

(Dedicated to my girl, Lea, who brought this track back to my attention. Keep bangin.)


One of my all-time favorite rock’n’roll/fashion photographers, Albert Watson, has finally launched his website. After working on over 40 Rolling Stone covers, countless Chanel campaigns, and his “Las Vegas” series (above), he’s opened his e-folio for the world to see. He’s known for snapping notable shots of his era’s most legendary; from Alfred Hitchcock to Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger to Snoop Dogg. His work has somehow always felt deeper than that of his peers, consistently bleeding the lines between the commercial image and high art. He’s undoubtedly one whose shaped how we see and understand photography today.

photos courtesy of albert watson photography

artist spotlite: pogo

We all knew music sampling was big business, but this artist takes it to a new medium entirely. Pogo (a.k.a. “Faggottron”) is YouTube’s answer to Prefuse 73. The Australian audio-video artist takes bits and pieces of his favorite Hollywood blockbusters to create equally fantastic musical compositions. As ambient as Stephane Pompougnac’s Hotel Costes, he’s known for seamlessly blending chopped cinematic samples and mid-word blips to compose symphonies from a single scene’s sounds. Even his basslines are recycled, borrowing acoustic backdrops from the silver screen’s often-missed scores. Hear it here first.


I love Giles‘ humor. He can’t help but not take fashion too seriously. His latest pre-fall presentation shown yesterday at a fine china factory in Florence boasted fluoro-wigs, wacky headpieces, and googly eyes aplenty. Styled by Katie Grand (of LOVE magazine), this year’s International ANDAM award recipient continued his winning streak with performance-art-ready works. Here are some behind-the-scenes shots of the insanity.

photos courtesy of LOVE blog


best albums of 2009

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Martin Margiela may no longer be manning his Maison (established in 1989), but his Artisanal archive and mentality are still very much alive. Exclusive e-tailer, YOOX, has purchased his most inimitable pieces from the elusive couture division and are selling them (all for four digits or more) to the public for the first time in history to support the Rosa Spier House in Holland (a residence created for retired musicians, artists, and academics). Take a peek at some of my favorite repurposed pieces by clicking here.

photos courtesy of (top) ASVOF, (bottom) YOOX & Alvaro Villarubia

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Protect your fingers from panty lines with Delfina Delettrez‘s new “Saffo” ring. Where’s Sisqo when you need him?

photo courtesy of lvr


I went to college with illustrator Garrett Pruter but had never met him in person. I discovered his work on the web’s whim and was instantly drawn to his “Asylum” series’ sketched-on collages (similar to Holly Fulton‘s window-lined deco-city prints). In his own words: “Using found photographs of 19th and 20th century insane asylums, I expanded them through detailed mark-making. Varying from crude to obsessive, I’ve mapped connections between mental and physical space, authority and anti-authority, nostalgia and imagination.” I’m considering commissioning him to wallpaper my apartment in doodled windows.

photos courtesy of garrett pruter portfolio


best tracks of 2009

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Irina Shaposhnikova‘s ’09 Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts graduate collection showcases humans as crystals. The kaleidoscope-like presentation video by Pierre Debuscherre brings nature’s great symmetry to life.

photo (bottom) courtesy of sonny photos


Song of the Day: “I Love You” – Chris Brown (Feat. Ester Dean)

Don’t get mad at me… I’m posting this unreleased bonus track (produced by Smoke & Mirrors fave Polow Da Don) from Chris Breezy’s latest LP ’cause the beat’s so good it’ll have you volunteering your time to fulfill his remaining community service hours. You heard me right. (And you’re correct, ’tis an accordion in the background.)

World Premiere: “Get Ya Money Up (Remix)” – Keri Hilson
(Feat. Nicki Minaj & Keyshia Cole)

Second up is Keri Hilson‘s remix to the lackluster “Get Ya Money Up” off her disappointingly dull debut album, featuring production by Polow and meager verses by Keyshia and Trina. This time around she got smart and replaced Trina with Nicki, let Polow work his magic synths, and put Keyshia on a heavy vocoder. The result: a zig-zag femme anthem even the guys can fist pump to.

let’s all hit up KARMA tonight


Jonathan Horowitz x V Magazine 63

“MH is a person too.”

photo courtesy of tfs

I knew she looked familiar.


Wasn’t gung-ho over these collections,
but their ads sure hit hard.

photos courtesy of tfs


I just did a blog post on the Fatman …and a week later, he and DJ Class release their ’10 version of Auld Lang Syne. I like to think it was due to this post that he decided to wish me a happy, healthy new year. Thanks Scoop!

Are you gonna lose your house this year? NO!


Having interned for V Magazine and stylist Mel Ottenberg (above), I’m especially excited to see The Size Issue. Hitting newsstands January 14th, 2010.

photos courtesy of v magazine &

Since I’m so close to the border (I reside in my hometown of Buffalo, NY for the holidays), I’ve got a soft spot for the Canadians. I’m currently obsessed with Canadian designer Arielle de Pinto’s web jewelery. They’re slinky, ultra-versatile, and hand sculpted. Fancy enough for a night out and casual enough layered atop a tattered tee – de Pinto’s got me caught.

photo courtesy of farfetch ed

Vodpod videos no longer available.
World Premiere: “On To The Next One” – Jay-Z
(Feat. Swizz Beats)

If there’s one thing Lady Gaga’s done (well), it’s the way she’s brought high fashion to mainstream music’s forefront. It’s most evident in Hova’s latest video for the rambunctious “On To The Next One” in which whitewashed backdrops and crystal-encrusted skulls are lacquered in monochromatic paints, a Dazed-mag-ready model vogues atop a steep pile of blocks, and Swizzy swivels in a Keith Haring x Jeremy Scott moto-jacket. Here’s to hoping the Hov-endorsed spectacle will do more than Wintour’s Fashion’s Night Out in getting luxury back in gear. On to the next year!

photo courtesy of colette