artist spotlite: b.o.b

“I Am The Man” – B.o.B (Feat. OJ Da Juiceman & Bun B)

Atlanta native, Bobby Ray, has been generating buzz since signing with T.I.’s Grand Hustle Entertainment (of Warner Music Group) and releasing numerous mixtapes under the name ‘B.o.B.‘ in 2008. Now, he’s on the heels of wrapping up sessions for his debut album, B.o.B. presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray, due out May 25, 2010, and is getting the streets ready by leaking countless underground gems worth a listen… or ten. Especially “I Am The Man,” which samples Clooney’s twang wail from O Brother, Where Art Thou? and verses by OJ Da Juiceman and Bun B. With mentions of Tonka trucks and jumbo sized gumbos, it’s like a country boy’s dream come true (minus Taylor Swift).


One response to “artist spotlite: b.o.b

  1. It’s always so nice when I learn more about the artists sitting in my itunes library, info I would otherwise have never known about if it weren’t for you. Which reminds me, is it time for you to make a second mixtape yet? Nudge, nudge.

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