Song of the Day: “All Night Long” – Faith Evans (Feat. Diddy)

I remember around ’97 it was Prodigy (and their brand of tech) that was prophesized to take over music forever. However, it was Sean Combs who would officially tune the mainstream ear after B.I.G. left the earth without a hip-hop hero. His crew over-realized the extent to which consumers look to music for status, fantasy, and showmanship. Through this, they unearthed a street music genre with an admittedly lux approach: “what sounds good – looks good – is good.” Bad Boy‘s first lady, Faith Evans, was essential to bringing the franchise a safer more feminine perspective. On the Puff-produced “All Night Long,” she imposed a state of R&B relief to hip-hop that’s been tough to reproduce sincerely thereafter. It’s a track that over its twelve year lifetime has been played on everything from mini-discs to walkmans, iPod’s to Pandora, yet still offers the perfect sense of Diddy-bopping solace. It has a bassline that instantly transports you back to the shiny suit heyday of champagne sipping, club shoot-outs, and chinchilla skins.


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