Tribute: “It’s So Hard” – Big Pun (Feat. Donell Jones)

It was ten years ago today that rap superstar/family man/street prophecy/fashion icon, Christopher “Big Pun” Rios (a.k.a. Big Punisher), lost his battle against McDonald’s. He may have been the cat that just happened to pass away once B.I.G. and ‘Pac made it trendy, but alas, he did have some primo product of his own during TRL’s peak relevance (see: “Still Not A Player” and “How We Roll“). It was after his death, though, that his work helped put a face on South Bronx’s hip-hop scene (see: Terror Squad, Fat Joe, & Remy Ma) and ultimately helped it thrive into the mid-00’s (see: “What’s Love?” and “Lean Back“). His tribute video for “It’s So Hard” pretty much revolutionized the votive-holding vigil platform for the rest of hip-hop’s fallen to follow. I hope to have my own street mural in the Bronx when I die (only mine will be with a Swedish flag motif) solely because of Pun. Rest in peace, papi.


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