Altuzarra / Fall 2010 / New York Fashion Week

Paging Michelle Pfeiffer… As if last season never happened, Joseph Altuzarra went back to the dark side for his latest fall collection shown during New York Fashion Week at Milk studios. Looking like remnants of Edward Scissorhands, Catwoman, and Kiss of the Spider Woman costumes placed in a blender, the collection boasted some of the season’s most ferociously sexy looks. With only three colors used (black, creme, and a vivacious red), Altuzarra must’ve been under the vampire spell as well (see: Dracula cape). His sutured-together leather catsuits even evoked a DIY punk sensibility usually seen overseas in Westwood and Yamamoto collections. Perfecting his strict taut-tailoring, he presented the week’s most jawdropping pantsuits and coats in the season’s hottest materials: blood red velvet, black wool, and goat hair-detailed leather varieties. The opening few looks made a major impression since they so resembled Jackson’s goat hair clutch I toted throughout the week. Perhaps the most cohesive collection from New York, Altuzarra has finally found his light in the dark.

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