What’s in an expression? If faces are embodiments of the soul, then illustrator, Hannah Lee is like their House Speaker. Her works, having been featured in Bust, Bitch, and Time Out New York publications, have the ability to single-handedly bring illustration back to the forefront. There’s something unwittingly fashion (and thus, commercially viable) about Hannah’s illustrations, perhaps even a tad Toledo-esque. Her pop cultural dealings are more than apparent (she’s played with hip-hop and indie rock, lifestyle caricaturizations, political faux pas, comedic doppelgangers, and dorm room norms) and her humor enormous. Her depictions of dress, specifically street style, prove her tireless attention to social constructs and subcultures, inner meanings and self-actualization. Having attended Parsons School of Design with yours truly, Hannah is of a burgeoning generation of talents experimenting with underused mediums.

photos courtesy of hannah k. lee


One response to “hannah.lee

  1. Way into it! Especially the Swedish She-Viking in between me and Julia Frakes.

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