This past January, I was asked to assist on a L’Uomo Vogue shoot with fashion editor and famed Michael Jackson stylist, Rushka Bergman, at Splashlight Studios. To my surprise, we were shooting Ms. Tyra Banks – yes… Ms. female-empowerment herself… and even more suprising – she was nice, down-to-earth, and devoid of any diva-tude (except she did bring her own Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel mix to play during shooting). At one point the world-renowned supermodel even called me “beautiful,” to which I replied meekly, “I think you’re beautiful, too.” The afternoon heralded a sophisticated, old Hollywood glam set of photos reminiscent of Janet Jackson‘s 1995 Design of a Decade shoot. Coinkydink? Probably not, just fate. Enjoy some exclusive cam-phone shots (click to view in full size) and an interview with Tyra herself below.

photo (top) courtesy of l’uomo vogue

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  1. you are beautiful!!!!

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