World Premiere: “Microphone Killa” – Freeway & Jake One

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m quite the Freeway fan. Peep the blog’s first mixtape, riddled in Freeza’s husky street flows, for proof. Sadly, there hasn’t been much made of Freeway‘s latest album (which came out last month) with producer Jake One; Stimulus Package. Other than its Wallpaper-worthy package design by Brent Rollins (image above), which threw even the highest tier of critics when it debuted months before its street date, the former Roc star can’t seem to catch the break he so surely deserves. As perhaps the most prolific artist of his genre, Freeway‘s recent recession-themed set only skims the surface of his talents, offering little justice to his hard work. The Philly-bred emcee, having dropped a track a day for a month and a half (Month of Madness ’09 mixtape), is as under appreciated as one can get in a post-So Far Gone, Weezy-driven world. Take “Microphone Killa,” for example; there’s no doubt Freeza has the best ad-libs in the biz, engages with his primo production, yet is once again relegated to the underground in the current soundscape. If it was any other genre, I’d say it was due to his looks. But rap?


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