Song of the Day: “None Of Your Business” – Salt’n’Pepa

I still know every word to this song 17 years after it’s release. The video (above) plays like the originalDirrty” video (mud wrestling, male groping, wet sloshing) and is still as nasty as it was so many years ago. The latest V magazine even paid homage to the female hip-hop groundbreakers of yesteryear with a special spread featuring signature gel-ed baby hairs, silken jackets, neon windbreakers, clashing prints, platform Reebok’s (perhaps a bit more Ginger Spice than Spinderella), bucket hats and doorknockers. If the look wasn’t so unabashedly adopted by sneaker heads and hipsters, I’d be rocking these duds like it was ’93.

photos courtesy of V magazine & fashionindie


2 responses to “salt.n.pepa

  1. Although I wouldn’t advocate bringing back the early 90’s aesthetic, I really enjoy this shoot… the colors are fantastic and those bow cutout jeans are extraordinary… It’s really an updated approach to that specific style!

  2. omg i used to gell my baby hairs all over my forehead and my side burns religiously in the 5th – 7th grade or so… my mother HATED IT

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