World Premiere: “Not Myself Tonight” – Christina Aguilera

For those of us who assumed Xtina to be the one behind the brilliantly faceless ‘iamwhoiamwhoami’ viral campaign – we obviously had too much faith in the pop vet. I wasn’t impressed much by Ms. Aguilera’s first single choice off Bionic, but, I felt the same way about “Dirrty” before its video debuted… This clip, though; while looking (and sounding) like a “Dirrty Pt. 2” is much less groundbreaking, stylish, and dare I say, tasteful? (Never thought I’d see the day) I could have sworn Xtina was looking to reinvent her brand? Hm. I suppose the vid does certify her a singing hardcore porn star. Was her previous shtick softcore? I presume the PVC does hoist things up a notch. Especially as a new mother and all… but, come on Christina…if you were looking for the new you, surely a video with clones from your past isn’t it. Not tonight. Sorry.


5 responses to “dirrty.part.deux

  1. I find it less Gaga and more recycled Madonna’s “express yourself”: lapping from a bowl of blackish shit like a cat (madonna drank milk), the shirtless men in the rain, the church, the orgee pile. Yawn. She’s just reinforcing the problematic Madonna -Whore theme, taking responsibility off of herself for her sexuality, and claiming that she’s “not herself”. Personally, its hotter when a girl can own it. And yea, its most likely a post baby-get-my-husband-to-notice-me stint.

  2. This is like a mix of Madonna express yourself and human nature.

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