artist spotlite: mndr

“Bang Bang Bang” – Mark Ronson & MNDR (Featuring Q-Tip)

Upon first listen, MNDR is like any other electro-gloss artist out there – carbonated, club-driven, and admittedly ephemeral. Just as Xtina hopped on the Ke$ha/Gaga bandwagon, MNDR sounds like she caught the Santigold train a season or two too late. Her Myspace tracks, filed under the genre of ‘Industrial/German Pop’, are sonically closer to Jem doing Styx renditions (namely “Mr. Roboto”) than anything else. That is, until the Mark Ronson-produced “Bang Bang Bang” landed on my desktop this morning. Could I have been as wrong about MNDR as I was with Santigold’s initial shot (“Pretty Gold”)? The Ronson/Q-Tip collaboration provides a world of change for MNDR – no longer a follower, her brash delivery atop Ronson’s synth-hop backdrop posts her in between Santi and Ri-Ri peacefully. Whether the accolades belong to Mr. Ronson for the pitch perfect positioning or not, doesn’t quite matter. MNDR has found her place amongst Ronson’s land of retro mentalities, hip-hop, mega-hooks, video games, and big band beats.


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