artist spotlite: TEACHERS


I’m beyond psyched to announce a project I’ve been helping in the development of for a while now… it’s called TEACHERS and it’s the next level in music. The first single, “GOLD,” is like a sonic relative to Avatar or The Lion King, with it’s cliff-jumping climax and fire-burning tribal chants. It may be the closest you’ll ever come to air-gliding through the rain forest on Ecstasy or stadium-rocking with baboons on your very own private isle. The band, headed by Green Owl Records founder, Ben Bronfman (vocals and production), is a genre-defying testament to music’s current identity crisis – is it pop? is it rock? is it indie? is it major? – it doesn’t matter – shit is GOLD. The best part is there’s so much more to come. Stay tuned for more TEACHERS developments coming soon on Smoke & Mirrors blog. To download the track for free, head here.


3 responses to “artist spotlite: TEACHERS

  1. M.I.A’s husband has his own band? How did I not know this? Sounds fresh. Amped to hear whatelse he has.

  2. This shit is FIRE. Heart stopping, cardiac arrest, flopping around on the floor, eyes all rolled up in the back of your head type shit. So fresh

  3. This beat is genius!! Nice

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